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80 FREE Disney Apps

Monday, April 28, 2014

14 of the BEST Free Educational Sites

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Awe Service Dog

This beautiful puppy at The Seeing Eye, Inc. has a big harness to fill! — with Georgina Clark and 2 others.

Mom's reply

Nicely said Mom


Temple Grandin's TED talk

Essential Safety Tool for Wanders

Get it done to day
With warmer weather comes more wandering incidents. NAA's Big Red Safety Toolkit is an online booklet full of #autism wandering prevention tips and tools.

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Abilipad Update is Super

Awesome writing tool, worth the $
Abilipad 4.0 is now available on iTunes (!

In the Notepad, you will notice the following changes:
- an advanced word prediction system that makes writing faster and easier for slow typists and poor spellers through word completion, next-word prediction and a flexible spelling feature which suggests words based on phonetic errors;
- a CAPS LOCK key;
- an integrated iOS dictionary.

In the Keyboard Editor, you will find:
- a complete overhaul of the user-interface that makes creating keyboards far more intuitive and user-friendly so that you can make keyboards in a matter of minutes;
- an extensive searchable picture library with over 150.000 images;
- a “color-wheel” color selector to find the perfect complimenting text, key and grid colors;
- an iOS keyboard to enter text and emoticons.

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